What in the World!

Ideas and Issues

New York    As the late great Hunter Thompson, king of gonzo journalism, used to write, “…and then things began to get weird.”  Seems that some of this is everywhere around us now.  A couple of recent items ran the gamut of these items.  For example:

*    Alex Rodriguez, mainly known as a baseball player, but perhaps simply just someone in the millionaire-zillionaire buddies club who wears a different uniform (Yankees, it seems?!?) for his job, reached out to Warren Buffet and slicksters at Goldman Sachs, who acted as financial advisors to George Steinbrenner in order to make his multi-million dollar deal to stay with the Yanks and do an end around his agent.  

*    Case Western in Cleveland managed to breed a kind of “super-rat” that was some 10 times faster and could run farther than regular rats AND bit people aggressively.  They bred 500 of these little buggers according to the wire services.  When asked “why,” or what for, they couldn’t come up with an answer.  Quelle shock!

*    Recent study indicated scientific proof of the proposition that men live longer if they are fortunate enough to live with feminists.  Is that really news?  I’ve been hearing that for decades….I thought it was common knowledge?

*    Analysts seem surprised to find that Starbucks is starting to have trouble making gazillions these days.  Seems that when people are scuffling for a job and their next meal that they try to resist $3.00 frou-frou coffee concoctions.  Another shock!  Comes right after another one I hear about all the time:  home values are not guaranteed to increase!

Alex Rodriguez