What’s up in Kansas?

1508993_imageNew Orleans Thomas Frank wrote a well received political book a couple of years ago entitled, What’s the Matter with Kansas?, and the answer seems to be:  a lot!  More evidence was in the headlines and story from Salina, Kansas this week when the ex-head of the Republican Party in that state, Kris Kobach, announced he was running for Secretary of State, and when asked why, answered – in one word – according to the reporter, Duane Scharg:  “ACORN.”


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Labor Chaos

hotel-worker New Orleans  Sensitive, internal memos and financial information are leaking like a sieve exposing vulnerabilities in some of our storied unions.  This hurts workers and all of us.  In labor we need some real leadership and something likea “Geneva convention” or “Marquis of Queensberry” rules for how to handle internal conflict within unions without eroding protections and rights for union members themselves.  We would need some kind of Geiger counter to find any evidence of principles and restrain in how the UNITE, HERE, and SEIU ménage de trios is now breaking out.

In the bitter court battle and divorce struggle within UNITE HERE as they try to unwind the merger of their organizations several years ago and reassemble various pieces into a new formation or in the former UNITE case to affiliate with SEIU, like the worst of Hollywood divorces both sides seem unrestrained in trying to destroy the other, no matter who and what is hurt at the hindmost.  Most recently when the HERE forces seized the building in New York City where the former UNITE forces had been operating, a flood of documents has been unleashed in internet way past acceptable boundaries.

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