Police: No on 287(g)

Immigration Reform

New Orleans Big city police chiefs from places like Miami,TimmonySacramento, and elsewhere came out yesterday against 287(g).  They don’t want local police forces to be confused with the immigration storm troopers of ICE.

The Miami chief in a published report cited the downturn of cooperation between immigrants and police in his city as dating from a “get-tough-on-immigrants” speech made by Senator John McCain during the campaign.  He and others stated the obvious:  new immigrants do not know the difference between the local police force and federal officials.  No, duh, in many of the countries from which they hail the federales are synonymous with the local police and don’t have the nice qualms around jurisdictional limits we find (supposedly) in the states.

I’m not sure what it takes Secretary Napolitano and President Obama to throw out 287(g) and the ravages of blockheads like Sheriff Joe Apaio, but big city chiefs with significant populations of immigrants are shouting loudly and clearly, if they would just listen, that 278(g) is hurting, rather than helping their departments, their cities, and the real fight against crime.