Squatting Along the Canals

International Organizing Protests

bangkok-canalsBangkok Picking up a copy of the Bangkok Post on the plane as we came from Tokyo to Bangkok, it was a good omen to see an article on the opinion page by one of friends, Jeff Wong, who has been working as an advisor with the Four Slums Network we will be visiting on Sunday.  Even though it’s almost 3AM, I’ve spent some time, albeit unsuccessfully, trying to find a link to the piece, but here’s the bottom line.

Wong makes the case that these squatter settlements have been stable along the canals for the last 10 years.  A new policy by the government allows such communities to apply for formalization and title to the land.  Three of the four settlements have done so, but thus far not successfully, even though they are managing the canals and land now.

A march is planned on Monday to link these issues and UN Habitat day.

We are here at a good time, it seems!

Much more to come as we get on the ground and running!