Sheriff Arpaio Borderline Weirdness Alert

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joe07San Jose Preparing for reentry to the US, it made sense, given all the recent publicity, to check the border crossings and see what was involved before showing up at the airport 3 or 4 hours early to wend our way home.  Naturally for a view of whackiness at its worst,  I thought I would see what Maricopa County Arizona’s notorious Sheriff Joe Arpaio was doing these days to harass and bother people, especially since we are only one week away from a showdown in Phoenix where thousands are expected to protect his brand of anti-American vigilante injustice.

Wow, has the Arpaio watch become weird and bizarre!

I would have thought it might have gotten better since Arpaio’s deputies are no longer authorized by his buddy, Homeland Security’s Janet Napolitano, to pretend to be federal agents in rousting immigrants and anyone else based on his whim.  But, I might have been wrong.

I looked at a press release he put out the other day which includes the following nugget:

“The most recent arrest was made last night as Sheriff’s human smuggling deputies arrested 12 illegal aliens in the North Valley near Anthem. Eleven of the illegal aliens were booked by Sheriff’s deputies into jail on state felony human smuggling charges.”

What in the blue blazes is a “human smuggling” deputy and how could this be a good thing for anyone in the Phoenix area?  Let’s hope this peculiar turn of phrase means that Sheriff Joe  now has some deputies that know  about human smuggling, though given the way they have handled inmates under their custody in the past and the millions they have lost in lawsuits in this regard, I’m afraid  they are confused frequently between being human smugglers and deputies.

The rest of the press release talked about something called “pro-texting,” as he called it.  Which seems to be an immigrant alert system he claims is at large in his jurisdiction where people are texted cellphone warnings that his human smuggling deputies are in the area, and which would then seem to be a good thing, wouldn’t it?  How else would one deal with such well know, over-the-top and past the bounds of law, and no self-proclaimed body snatchers?

The only other way would be to join the crowd in the warmer air of Phoenix next Saturday on a weirdness smackdown where the forces of good once again try to stop the evil Arpaio body snatchers and their wicked work.