Big Doings in Mumbai for ACORN India

Community Organizations International International

final 18-apr-invite3 Mumbai I had left Delhi listening to reports of the heat wave there as we pushed forward with our meetings. Over 41 C which seems to have been around 106 degrees Fahrenheit. I knew we were hot, but I thought that was the fire lit by the passion of the meeting. Regardless, it was a relief to be at my favorite spot in Mumbai overlooking the Indian Ocean at Juhu Beach sitting on the patio of the Sea View eating pomfort with our hands and sharing a Kingfisher with the breeze wafting over us the whole time. As they say, priceless!

It was a good place to get a debriefing from Vinod Shetty, ACORN India’s director, on the progress in Mumbai in recent months. It was dizzying to hear how many pieces were coming together, especially in April.

Tomorrow is the grand opening of the new ACORN Recycling Center in the Dharavi megaslum, but I’ll save all of that for tomorrow’s report, complete with pictures.

We also have the upcoming concert being put together by our friends at Blue Frog Productions, which is being done in the Dharavi Nature Park to support ACORN’s Dharavi Project and trumpets the fact that the recyclers have to be respected. The central band is the Droolian from Norway and the Boxettes from the UK. How wild is that?!? Mark your calendar for April 29th, and if you can’t be there, make a donation on our website at

Even before that we have the 2nd ACORN Eco-Fair following last year’s success. This will happen in only a week on Sunday, April 18th. Our friends at the American Center are joining us in this effort, where we also do recycling incidentally along with 23 other schools, but for the first time we have “corporate sponsors:” Bharat Petroleum and Cambridge. Something starting to happen, especially if we can keep moving them to the next steps.

Opportunities seem to be coming into place in the Lonavla, an hold hill station area that now has 100,000 population and has asked Vinod to help figure out a recycling and solid waste disposal plan, which could mean an expansion of our recycling organizing to this town before we know it.

Lot of things happening. Lot to digest. It’s going to be as interesting to be in Mumbai, as it was to visit Delhi. We’re starting to make some progress in important directions.