Speaking Out and Speaking Up!

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            Montreal         They came up in twos and threes, a team of leaders and fighters from every region of Canada and every ACORN city, big or small.  Some were 18-year veterans of ACORN from Toronto and British Columbia, and some were at their first convention from Montreal, London, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick.  All of …

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Diverse Voices Different but Much the Same

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            Pearl River     In the early spring of each year, the ACORN federation’s leadership comes together in a governance call.  This year was more of a challenge.  With the pandemic receding, whether in reality or in our minds, there were more scheduling conflicts with other meetings, training sessions, and even long postponed holidays.  Regardless, whenever …

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Loose Ends at Year End

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 Marble Falls     The end of every year always finds me with contradictory feelings, and I don’t think that’s something that just happens to me.  On one hand, I’m ready for a new year.  There’s excitement over new projects, a clean slate, a quick restart after the slow walk of the last year’s passing.  On the other hand, there are …

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