Protest by the Powerless…Congressmen

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San Pedro Sula           In almost any work on social movements and social change organizations, authors are usually crystal clear:  protest is an exercise of the powerless.  Contemporary politics may be turning this world of certainty upside down. In recent years we have already seen “walkouts” become popular among elected officials.  In India that tactic was …

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Chincha Still Trying to Come Back from 2007 Earthquake with Little Help

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Lima   We drove 200 kilometers from Lima to visit the newest local group in ACORN Peru, Chincha, by the Pacific Ocean south of Lima, a straight shot on the Pan American highway.  This was a California climate, except drier perhaps with sand dune mountains along the way.  Grapes grow here and wine and Pisco makers abound.  …

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Great ACORN Reports from around the World and Remittance Campaign Breakthroughs

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Mexico City   A highlight of the year is always getting the reports of ACORN International affiliates around the world and hearing about the progress and the challenges members, leaders, and organizers are facing.  The obstacles are legion, but so are some of the surprises. Vinod Shetty from Mumbai started the ball rolling with a clear …

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Daily Caller: Left-wing organizing kingpin: Tea partiers out-organized Occupy Wall Street

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** Below is an article taken from The Daily Caller, a right wing news site & blog of an exclusive “interview” with Wade ** By Michael Volpe 10:56 PM 11/24/2011 In an exclusive interview with The Daily Caller, Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) founder and Service Employees International Union organizer Wade Rathke …

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