Terrorism in Arizona

Immigration Reform Organizing

0417apImmigrationRaidNew Orleans The dots have to be connected. Almost at the same time that the Arizona legislature goes virtually hate-crime with draconian anti-immigrant legislation prepared for the Governor’s signature, the federales under the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), headed by ex-Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano and her ICE-capades suit up 800 armed agents, helicopers, rolling stock and whatever to go door-to-door in Phoenix, Tuscon, Nogales, and elsewhere looking for immigrant criminals. They netted 47 arrests of folks who had some kind of warrants out for them. Pathetic!

Supposedly they were looking to break up human trafficking, which must be southwestern slang now for human rights.

What message is the White House trying to send here? And, make no mistake, we need to bell the cow here right at the White House.

Less than a month ago tens of thousands were rallying in DC on the Mall. The President keeps saying he will do his best. He sent over a taped message. There continue to be promises that DHS will actually listen rather than just talking to immigrant advocates.

But, that’s all talk. What happened this week in Arizona was virtually domestic terrorism, and those actions speak louder than all of the words that have thus far meant almost nothing in the fight for comprehensive reform and basic human rights for immigrants.

Mr. President, save the speech for foreign leaders and television cameras.

Mr. President, it’s time to actually run the government, and exercise the power you have in your hands right now to stop the Arizona terrorism, before we have copy cat crimes all over the country. This is out of hand, but something you could totally control.

Now is the time for less talk, more action. Make it happen! Believe me, we’re all watching.