Arizona Boycotts First $90 Million

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brewerapwebNew York City The Mayor of Phoenix announced City Hall’s projection that based on the first 4 conventions having canceled and projections over the coming year, just in Phoenix they estimated the loss at $90 million. The Governor of Arizona whined that a boycott was a bad idea, blah, blah, blah, once again taking no responsibility for her actions, but she’s wrong.

The boycott is a good idea and frankly past due. Under the reign of terror in the community that has been ongoing under Sheriff Arpaio, many with darker skin have effectively been boycotting Phoenix and Maricopa County at least for more than a year. The newest statewide outrage in Arizona has merely gotten to the point where the line has been crossed so far that everyone with a tan is afraid to go to Arizona. Governor Schwarznegger from California even “joked” that with his accent he might be picked up in Arizona and deported to Austria. I’m not sure why he thought that was a joke: on his accent he would be gone and only be saved by the fact that he was white. Oh, and big, because part of this is purely and simply bullying!

Phoenix and Arizona both seem to have noticed that the economy is not in good shape in Arizona now and seem to have realized that having tourists avoid the state and conventioneers stay in Vegas or elsewhere is not a good idea. No duh. But, what will be the pricetag that forces change?

Let’s pick a billion to start with and start putting up thermometer charts in our offices to keep score at home. It’s going to have to be real money. Maybe Governor Brewer can give a ring to Governor Barbour in Mississippi and ask him what he thinks it cost Mississippi to be red circled as a human and civil rights disaster for almost a generation?

The cost: priceless!

The lesson though has to be taught.