Marching to Arizona with the Troops

Immigration Reform Protests

5.29_english_optNew Orleans Time to pack for Arizona! It’s important to join the mobilization on May 29th with the assembled forces to stand and protest against the implementation of SB 1070, the anti-immigrant, racial profiling bill that is terrorizing good people in Arizona.

I was surprised talking to a friend in Arizona yesterday when she told me that the President was sending troops to the border. I thought this might be a rumor. Wrong. Later it was all over the papers that Obama was dispatching 1500 National Guard ostensibly to deal with drug trafficking and crime along the border.

At the same time I watched Obama being interviewed before the Suns-Lakers game on a basketball court mostly about, well, basketball. He also said he “was personally” opposed to SB 1070 and was in support of the Suns having worn their Los Suns jerseys in solidarity against the haters on Cinco de Mayo. Charles Barkley and his buddies talked about Obama being the “omni-president” with his fingers on everything since he also had opinions on the 1st draft pick choice for the Washington Wizards and the step up in Rondo’s game for the Celtics.

You can’t have it both ways. I can’t pretend that Obama is all over the basketball schedule and predictions, but is not mindful of the message he sends when he dispatches troops to the border posturing to beef up enforcement at the same time that tens of thousands are assembling to march in Phoenix this Saturday morning to demand justice.

There’s politics and then there is right and wrong.

The omni-President cannot be all things to all people.

The days on the calendar are steadily being crossed off to the point when enforcement of this grotesque travesty. We need the President to do the right thing then and refuse to cooperate with this cynical and racist legislation. When are we going to hear his real plans to act? Tick. Tock. Tick-tock!

Meanwhile it looks like all of us will be marching, but in this case the federales will be running for the border, while the rest of stand to be counted in the streets of Phoenix.

We need you with us there on the hot streets, Mr. President, and not sitting on a basketball court talking about draft picks.