Obama, LEDs, Jobs, CFLs, and Wal-Mart

National Politics

AObamatlanta Speaking of CFLs, incandescent bulbs, and LEDs, President Obama was in North Carolina visiting Cree, Inc., a large LED manufacturer, yesterday.

He was talking about jobs, which is a good thing, though mainly about engineering and high tech jobs, which is also a good thing, but is not going to deal with almost 10% unemployment in North Carolina or the nagging, structural unemployment nationally.   Mainly such discussion deals with the issue of companies seeking visa waivers and hiring imports arguing that there are shortages in such help domestically.  Even as our immigration programs have become increasingly draconian, the country embarrasses itself in trying to compete for the best and brightest around the world, despite how badly they are needed in their home countries.  More politics, less program…

I wish he had also talked more about getting the price of LEDs down and the mercury problems with CFLs while he was there.  Several readers yesterday wrote me yesterday to relate their adventures in trying to recycle at Home Depot and wondering if there’s a program or a dumpster behind the building.  Others repeated my question, wondering why Wal-Mart is not offering to recycle CFLs in the same breath as the sales pitch?  That’s an excellent question!

This should be something we can win.