Coffee to the Coffee Growers: Diverseo Café in Tegucigalpa

ACORN International Coffee
Coffee Plants Growing on the La Paz Mountainside

Denver  Following the model of the partnership between ACORN International and Fair Grinds Coffeehouse, we are trying something new, beginning in Tegucigalpa, Honduras with ACORN Honduras leading the program.  We source our organic, fairtrade certified coffee beans from Central American countries like Honduras, Guatemala, and Nicaragua.  Some of the best Arabica coffee beans in the world come from there.  Almost all of those very valuable beans, raised at high altitude, are exported.  Local people have no idea how good their own coffee is!

Green Beans Drying in Marcala

We have been trying some pilots for reversing the trade routes.  ACORN Honduras and Tegucigalpa head organizer, Dilcia Zavala, reached out for the same cooperatives that export their coffee and suggested that if they provided coffee beans to us in the capital we would set up a coffee kiosk or maybe our own small coffeehouse and offer Honduran beans to Hondurans for a change.

Coffee Crew with Wade

The early response has been fantastic and very encouraging.  Many people were shocked at how good the coffee was and wanted to figure out a way to buy it.  We may be on to something good here.  Honduran coffee beans making Hondurans happy, supporting local cooperatives and producers, and supporting organizing!