Holes are in Houses, and a Lie is a Lie

Trump protests in West Palm Beach (Photo: Andrew Harnik, AP)

New Orleans  If it weren’t so pathetic, it would be tragic. If it weren’t so harmful and destructive, it would absurdly be funny. This is now what passes for Presidential leadership and the Republican Senatorial enablers, including, shamefully, several from the South, among them notably Tom Cotton from Arkansas to its great embarrassment.

A great ACORN leader in the early days the organization’s history in Arkansas was Bill Whipple, a carpet cleaner, originally from Nebraska. Bill ended up as an elected member of the Pulaski County Quorum Court in the later 1970s. He was infamous for several often repeated one-liners. The one that I would like to share in the wake of the continued reports of ridiculous hair-splitting rather than truth telling, apologizing, and fence mending. Bill used to ask me if I knew the definition of a “rationale?” The answer was supposed to be, “No,” regardless of the number of times he had told me the same story, so that he would then say, “Wade, a rationale is a lie in the skin of a reason.” Yes, exactly, but as Brother Whipple clearly would admonish, still a lie.

So, the spinning and so-called damage control from the White House over President Trump’s racist and ethnic slurs in the immigration meeting has run from “strong language,” supposedly used by one and all, and, frankly, who cares, since there had better be strong language when it comes to finding a solution for 800,000 Dreamers and more than 10 million immigrants, to the aiding and abetting “rationales” from the suddenly memory-restored Senators Cotton and Perdue from Georgia. Originally, Cotton and Perdue were the two monkeys who heard no evil and did not evil. A day later they adopted a new strategy in coordination with the White spinmasters or as we should call them more appropriately ****diggers. Now, they attacked Illinois Senator Dick Durbin, a Democrat, and South Carolina Senator Lindsay Graham’s versions of the quotes. With their restored memory they were now clear that they heard everything, and it was not as Durbin told or why Graham had risen to challenge the President.

Now a day later, the plot doesn’t thicken so much as it gets waist-deep. Cotton and Perdue’s story is hanging by the thinnest layer of toilet paper. Reportedly their rationalization is based on the fact that they heard Trump say African and other countries were “shithouse” countries, rather than “shithole” countries. This now defines a distinction without a difference.

Still 100% racist, no question about that. There will be no African country or leaders from Haiti for example, who will now say, “Oh, hey, no problem, sure we’re definitely not shithole countries, but we’re OK, being called shithouse countries.” Anyone other than perhaps Trump and the White House staff and their enablers, Senators Cotton and Perdue, must be the only people this side of Pennsylvania Avenue and the Trump Tower who don’t know that in an outhouse, the hole is in the house. In fact that’s the whole purpose of the house.

Not only are they all bald-faced liars, but they are so totally out of touch with Americans that they have obviously never been in such a house or they would have all shut their mouths and pleaded for mercy and forgiveness. President Trump is lucky to have Senators Cotton and Perdue handy to wipe up his mess, and, no, I won’t get anymore specific than that, but they all need to come clean before they humiliate themselves, the country, and their states anymore than they already have.


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