Sure, President Trump, Fix Homelessness!

Frankfurt         This is so rich!  President Trump and the gang that can’t shoot straight in their supreme arrogance are now shoo-shooing about the White House thinking that it might be a good idea if they fix homelessness in large American cities.  Wow!  What is the saying, “pride cometh before the fall?”

Is this the same guy who didn’t de-nuke North Korea exactly, but at least he made a friend, huh?  Heck he was in Asia and dropped by at the price of a couple of million so they could walk, hold hands, and marvel at the DMZ.  Did anything come of that?  Hmmm?  No.

Is this the guy who just invited the Taliban to pop over for some R&R at his Camp David retreat outside Washington?  Maybe they will talk peace?  Maybe they’ll eat peas?  Whoops!  They killed an American solider in a random bombing, like they have been doing for the last umpteen twenty years.  There goes their invitation to dinner.  There go the peace talks.

Reportedly he sent a crack team to California to suss out the situation.  His yahoo lawyer-press spokesman, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, who certainly knows something about failing to solve homelessness is egging him on.  Somehow, they think there is political hay to be made here.  How did that work for you in New York, Rudy?  Not so well really.  The Times says Rudy wants a carrot-and-stick approach.  What does that even possibly mean?  Maybe they can eat the carrots and make a cooking fire with the sticks?  At least that has some value.

In their weird calculations, these are liberal cities and middle-class and other folks are disturbed by homelessness, so let’s stir the pot.  Los Angeles passed initiatives to spend hundreds of millions in shelters and other responses.  Are they willing to come up with that many carrots?

According to the Times:

An estimated 59,000 homeless people live in Los Angeles County, according to a count conducted this year by the county, about a 12 percent increase over 2018. Of those, an estimated 44,000, or 75 percent, were unsheltered. Within the city of Los Angeles, which is distinct from the county, there were 36,000 homeless, including 27,000 who were unsheltered, according to that same count.

Actually, this might be something that Trump and his team DO know something about.  They are specializing at leaving families “unsheltered” and in horrid conditions and virtual prison camps including children on the border.  Maybe his plan for the homeless will be like that disaster, and he’ll move money from the military and FEMA budget to try to solve it.

It just gets better:

The administration has discussed refurbishing homeless facilities or building new ones, The Washington Post reported. An administration official said that while those ideas have been discussed, nothing has been settled.

They’ve got time on their hands, now that they couldn’t buy Greenland.  They have money to burn now that debt is going past one-trillion dollars.

This is what happens when the address of the White House is no longer Pennsylvania Avenue, but Crazy-ville!


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Israel Might be the Last Country Trump Can Bully, Kinda

Gulf Shores     Hello, America!  Read the papers and take notes.  This is what it looks like when we go from being the worlds’ greatest superpower to just another weakling in the school yard.  Like the comedian used to say, “We get no respect.”

At the last minute we demand for some unknown reason that an Iranian tanker being held by the British in Gibraltar for months be turned over to us, and what does our closest ally, Britain do?  Turn it back over to Iran, that’s what.  Who cares what the US says about Iran and our little go-it-alone sanctions?  Nobody much.

Trump on some kind of ego-drug trip meets with the President of Pakistan.  Says, hey, youse, how about I mediate the dispute in Kashmir between y’all and India?  This is something I’m good at.  Just look at the progress I’ve made in the Middle East.  India’s Modi, another authoritarian my-way-or-the-highway guy, within two weeks moves troops into Kashmir, cuts off the internet, ends statehood, and holds the largely Muslim population in their part of the disputed territory claimed by India, virtual prisoners.  What’s America going to do about that?  These are two nuked up world powers.  What do they care about Trump bloviating some more?  If he were to bother that is.

North Korea?  Boy, we’ve done a great job there bringing world peace.  How many missiles did they test today?

Don’t even start me on Russia.  I’ve been there.  Moscow and St. Petersburg are great cities.  The people were wonderful.  The government?  That’s another story.  They’re trying to develop a nuclear-powered long-range missile that isn’t part of any disarmament treaty, but, hey, we’ve torn all of those up anyway.  Lost five of their scientists in a test the other day. What do we care?  Our scientists tried and failed to do this twenty years ago.  What makes the Russians think they can solve this puzzle?  What were they, the first in space or something?  And, besides, Putin and Trump are back-slapping buddies.  They sure wouldn’t interfere in the elections of the most powerful country in the world, would they?

Trump told Turkey, don’t buy any jets from anybody but me.  Turkey flipped us off and now is threatening to go after our Kurd allies at their border.

China is giving us the red ass.  Trump’s trade war is his own personal Vietnam that he doesn’t know how to pull out of, even as it threatens our economy and the world’s.  Meanwhile he has to bailout farmers for billions and pulls back on his latest threats until after Christmas tacitly acknowledging his trade mess hurts US consumers.

Syria?  Afghanistan?  Iraq?  Let’s just not talk about it, ok?

We’ve become so weak and ill-regarded that we can only bully very small countries.

On second thought, that’s not exactly true either, since you just mentioned Venezuela, didn’t you?

Looks like the only country Trump can bully is Israel.  He tweets that he wants to bar two of the squad.  Republicans, Democrats, and Israeli groups in that country and the United States go crazy about how stupid it was for him to carry his personal, political vendetta to another country, and how even more moronic it was for Israel’s Prime Minister to buckle his knees to the bully.  The next day, Israel relents so that Palestinian-American Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib from Michigan can visit her 90-year old grandmother and relatives living on the West Bank.

Wait until we see how itty-bitty Denmark slams the door on Trump’s hand when he brings up wanting to buy Greenland, for goodness sakes.

This is what it has all come to in less than three years.  Sadly, we all know, it can get even worse.


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