January 6th – Election Judges in the Crosshairs Now One Year Later

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New Orleans      The January 6th insurrection, coup, riot, or whatever you might want to call this assault on the Capitol and Congress over the ceremonial certification of the Electoral College results is now marking its first anniversary.  Most of us would think that everything that could be said about has now been said, but we would be wrong.  The …

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Anti-Welfare, Me-First, and Racism Hurting Child Care Credit

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New Orleans     The child care credit in the Biden stimulus package has been heralded, including by me, as the first significant step in reversing the draconian “end of welfare as we know it” program of former President Clinton.  Experts noted that this child-centered program, providing front end payments on the credit of $300 per month for families …

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Is the Military the Last Stronghold of US Institutional Values?

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            New Orleans     We have an extended family WhatsApp group, as many families have.  These things are a hodgepodge of advice and, usually, good will, attempts at humor, sports talk, birthday greetings, atta-boys, and occasional light controversy. Did I mention a LOT of advice!  It’s a great thing, especially for the brothers and siters with children and outlaws like …

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