Freedom of Information Under Red State Attack and Exploitation

ACORN Ethics Organizer Training Politicians

            New Orleans       Freedom of information has become one of the bedrock fundamentals of democratic government around the world.  In the United States, open records or freedom of information laws have been critical for decades for journalists and regular citizens trying to access any data or information from governments, local, state, and federal, on …

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Ethics vs. Accountability


            New Orleans        There are university professors and philosophers who specialize in ethics.  It turns out that for many, especially politicians and governmental big whoops, ethics is purely a philosophical concept having no relation to reality.  Ethics are synonym for rationalizations.  It turns out that it is acceptable in public parlance, because without accountability, …

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What are Some Politicians Thinking These Days?

Ethics Impunity Politics

            New Orleans      In what still seems the political “age of Trump,” probably the wrong question to ask, is “what are they thinking?”  With misinformation, boundless conspiracies, and many feeling free to talk about scuttling elections and civil war, I’m probably out of line even wondering.  Nonetheless, even acknowledging that the American political lists …

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