LaPierre Finally Out as NRA Goes Down


           New Orleans        I’d like to believe that the death dealing and death defying career of Wayne LaPierre as chief lobbyist and promotor of the gunsels of America is finally over with his pre-trial resignation, but I’m not sure and don’t want to suffer from premature certainty.  His last statement seems more a threat …

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Reduce Crime by Lowering Gang Recruitment

Drugs Guns

            New Orleans      Looking at gang and cartel driven crime from drug dealing to murder, one country after another, including the US, has tried militarizing and increasing police forces and expanding incarceration exponentially, yet crime and violence remain persistent and ubiquitous.  Nowhere has the of violence been greater than in Mexico.  The Sinaloa cartel …

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You Need to Holster that Tennessee

Guns History Legislation Policy Politicians Protests Race

Pearl River      Tennessee is looking for attention.  This isn’t Virginia, they want to make sure that we understand that love has nothing to do with it.  Tennessee is the Volunteer State.  They aren’t talking about church suppers, little league games, neighborhood cleanups, and Red Cross blood drives. They are proud of their ability to take …

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