MLK with Feet of Clay

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            Pearl River      Fani Willis, the Fulton County prosecutor who has filed a conspiracy case against former President Trump and 14 co-conspirators, “…referred to herself as a “flawed” and “imperfect” public servant — pointing to how Martin Luther King Jr. was also an imperfect human being called to public service and changing the world.”  Her …

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Diversity is a Problem in US Southern State Universities

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            New Orleans      The Southeastern Conference (SEC) is a monster in collegiate sports in America.   Whether Alabama, Louisiana State University, or Georgia, SEC schools are regularly in the final playoffs and winners of the NCAA football championships.  The LSU women won the NCAA basketball championships last year.  The sports pages of local papers regularly …

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Let’s Stop the Floridization of Arkansas!

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            New Orleans      The early months of Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ tenure as governor of Arkansas have been marked by both confusion and consternation.  Sometimes she seems confused and believes she is still former President Trump’s press secretary and trying to sell alternative facts and fantasy as if reality.  Other times she seems to think …

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