Opioid Deaths Compounded by Medical Racial Bias

Disparities Health Care Policy Safety Net

            San Pedro Sula      Even as Covid recedes, there are other epidemics still raging, and the response is racially biased.  That’s the takeaway from a devastating article in Scientific American, appropriately entitled “Overdose Inequality.” Let’s start with one-million opioid deaths in the last 30 years.  Then let’s move to the fact that in the last …

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Good Water Equals Public Trust and Participation

Poverty Safety Net Wade's World Water

            Toronto           I used to say, more seriously than satirically, if we could just find an organizational formula to winning campaigns to deal with loose dogs, better garbage pickup, and improved sewerage handling, we could organize the world.  I’m now going to add cleaner water to that list.  This is thanks to reading Professor Manuel …

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