A Warm Coat

Non-Profit Wade's World

            Pearl River      Every once in a while, I stumble onto something that surprises.  It’s not an organization that is solving some huge injustice exactly, or even trying to make social change, much less a policy that will impact people, but still it’s making a difference when it matters in its own way, even if …

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Future Social Media Wade's World

             Pearl River      Maybe I’m wrong, but the recognition that bullying in school is a real issue has become a central focus for parents and educators now and that wasn’t the case when I was coming up.  Then it was “boys will be boys,” and advice that all bullies would back down, if you hit …

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Microhistory and Cuba

Wade's World

Pearl River      Cuba holds a complicated place in the domestic and international space.  It’s food and beaches are huge attractions for Canadians and Europeans, but for more than fifty years the island has existed as contested ground in the United States.  Even now with one Cold War over and one seeming to advance rapidly, Cuba, …

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