Zero Waste, Plastics Everywhere, and Developing Countries Pointing the Path

ACORN ACORN International International Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Apple PodcastsNew Orleans      ACORN India’s Dharavi Project has long focused on recycling in the Mumbai mega-slum where we work.  Organizing young waste pickers has led us to create a cooperative of sorts employing scores of recyclers.  ACORN has struck deals with many schools, including the French and …

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Community Radio in Uganda

Ideas and Issues

            Kampala         Writing about community radio in Uganda could be very short, even if not sweet, story:  there is none!             At least, there is none in the way we might recognize such a concept in the US or even in African countries.  Kenya has a fledgling network of small community radio stations in twenty-two different areas around the country, …

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