Indian Government Deals Small Businesses a Hard Blow

ACORN International Financial Justice International Protests

            New Orleans               For years the India FDI Watch Campaign supported by ACORN International has campaigned to make sure that any modification in foreign direct investment would protect the 20,000,000 small retailers, birani shop keepers, brokers, and others would be done responsibly.  Working to build a large, diverse national coalition, the …

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Unfair Fairtrade

ACORN International Coffee Financial Justice International

 New Orleans               ACORN International released a hard-hitting report that was the result of extensive research during the summer, largely conducted by Melanie Craxton, an economics major at the University of Edinburg, interning in the New Orleans headquarters.   Because of our partnership with COMUCAP, the women’s coffee and aloe vera growing cooperative in Marcala, Honduras, and …

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