Two Steps Forward, Two Steps Back for Bangladesh Workers

ACORN International International Labor Organizing

Rock Creek     Following the tragic garment fire fatalities and in the wake of European action finally joined by the United States in recent weeks, the Bangladesh government has finally issued new labor codes for workers in the country.   The results are disappointing despite the obvious hopes of the government that this meager effort would seem …

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The Horror of Bangladesh Factory Collapse Reveals Impotence of CSR Compliance Inspections

International Labor Organizing

New Orleans   The death count has now passed 340 workers in the horrific collapse of the 8-story garment factory in Bangladesh.  Buried as well in the latest story in the Times is the understated indictment of another hollow and ineffective outside inspection of these garment plants as part of corporate social responsibility monitoring agreements that …

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Corporate Failure to Act Effectively Leads to 250 More Deaths in Bangladesh


New Orleans  The collective corporate failure to act decisively and preemptively to guarantee safe working conditions in textile supply factories is making a mockery of any and all claims of corporate social responsibility in these industries.  Following the death of hundreds by fire in Bangladesh recently, a factory collapsed in recent days marking one of …

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