Times-Warner, Comcast, and Others Narrowing Broadband, Widening the Digital Divide

Ideas and Issues

Toronto   Yet more disconcerting news flying in the face of all of us who care about the class and opportunity divides that are permanently widening the inequity between have-a-littles and have-a-lots with emerging reports of metered broadband access to the internet thanks to the relentless efforts of Times-Warner, Comcast and other cable companies, and the …

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Comcast CYA Doesn’t Mask Contradictions and Poor Outreach

Community Organizing Ideas and Issues

New Orleans  The combined meetings and negotiations with Comcast representatives about their “internet essentials” program to provide low cost access and computers to lower income families seems to have finally provoked the company into putting out some numbers on their performance.  That’s the good news.   Reading the numbers is the bad news. No wonder our …

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