Justice Going Wikileaks on Middlemen in Payday Lending Schemes

Citizen Wealth Financial Justice

New Orleans  By issuing subpoenas to the financial institutions that are enabling blatantly illegal payday lending schemes and scams, the Department of Justice with provocation from the New York State Attorney General’s actions, finally seems to be getting serious about stopping these predators, largely by picking up a page from the State Department’s Wikileaks assault …

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Wells Fargo Racial Steering and Discrimination Settlement with Justice Department

ACORN Citizen Wealth Foreclosure

New Orleans    The recently announced settlement between the Department of Justice and Wells Fargo Bank saw them pony up $174 Million to provide restitution to 34,000 customers because of racial discrimination in lending rates and steering them into toxic subprime rates caught my eye and brought me to full attention.  This might be a case of …

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