Tax Preparers Refund Anticipation Loans are Out of Control – Again!

ACORN Citizen Wealth Financial Justice

New Orleans         After years of campaigns by ACORN and agreements with the major tax preparers, H&R Block, Jackson-Hewitt, and Liberty Tax Services, to rein in the abuses and predatory pricing of “refund anticipation loans” or RALs, as they are known in the industry, it appears that the rats will play “while the cat is away.”  …

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Making Earned Income Credits a Better Incentive for Work and Fair to the Childless

Citizen Wealth Financial Justice

Peterborough    In a recent op-ed in the Wall Street Journal, Princeton economist, author, and former Vice Chairman of the Federal Reserve Alan Blinder made a brilliant case for Congress to actually read Obama’s proposal and do more to make the Earned Income Tax Credit really increase citizen wealth and even, are you listening my …

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