Opposition for the Rich, Support for Activism


New Orleans The polls have to be giving the middle-of-the-roaders and the settle-for-the-best-we-can folks some pause when the lines are hardening against the scandalous income inequality in America wrought by one tax break after another for the rich and the increasing support for the Occupy protests and other expressions of frustration and rage spoken by …

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Finding Friends on Microfinance, but Western Union Not so Much

Financial Justice International Remittances

Phoenix  Winning any kind of global financial justice for low-and-moderate income families is admittedly a slog, but misery loves company, and I cannot resist keeping you in the loop as ACORN International pushes forward on these campaigns. Good news first.  Our report, “Mega Troubles for Microfinance” www.acorninternational.org, picked up some friends in high places, which …

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