Ripple Effects on Remittances

ACORN ACORN International Canada Citizen Wealth Financial Justice Remittances Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | RSSNew Orleans       One thing leads to another.  Easy to say, but hard to endure, especially when it comes to the economic damage that keeps spreading from the pandemic shutdowns.  This is the real trickledown economics, and it’s not a good thing. In this case, …

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The Human Cost of Globalism: New York Nannies and Georgetown Slaves

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New Orleans   The argument changes when the global economy acquires a human face. Rarely has that been clearer than in two recent stories, one about a Filipino nanny in New York City and the other tracing the descendants of slaves sold by Georgetown University to their graveyards and relatives in Louisiana. We talk about the …

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Why is it so Hard for Policy Makers to Separate Access from Affordability?

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New Orleans    Life, work, and the world are full of mysteries, but after years of hitting my head against various walls, I’m finally connecting the dots in trying to understand the peculiar responses we sometimes get in trying to change public policies and private pricing strategies. Remittances are a prime example. Talking last week to …

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Finally Remittances is a USA Political Issue, but for the Wrong Reasons

ACORN ACORN International Canada Citizen Wealth Financial Justice International Remittances

New Orleans     For several years ACORN members have kicked at the doors of government officials and financial institutions around the world in our Remittance Justice Campaign seeking to stop the predatory cost structure of money transfers from immigrant families and migrant workers back to their families in their home countries. For all of the talk …

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