Important Suit to Stop Diversion of Foreclosure Relief Funds for Other Purposes

Citizen Wealth Financial Justice Foreclosure

Peterborough    Three California-based nonprofits, the National Asian American Coalition, COR Community Development Corporation, and the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Coalition sued Governor Jerry Brown and his team in California demanding replacement of $369 million obtained for the state for mortgage foreclosure relief and diverted to pay for state debts.  The suit alleges that according to …

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More Evidence of Home Invasions by Zombie Bank Criminal Conspiracy

Advocates and Actions Citizen Wealth Financial Justice

New Orleans   Evidence of the death march of the zombie bankers continues as they desperately try to shore up balance sheets based on non-existent assets with continued predatory cannibalization of homeowners through blatant home invasions and foreclosure seizures.  Two more stories provide more evidence of both the criminal conspiracy and the banks blatant lying that …

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