36000 USA Flu Deaths Every Year

Flu VaccineBoston             After discussing Citizen Wealth in Harvard Square at the Co-op, I found myself fascinated by a similar maximum eligible participation type of problem while talking to a friend who is a public health nurse with the City of Boston.  I asked her a casual question about how work was going and she replied, exasperatingly, that she was “sick of swine flu!”  She was sick of hearing about it, sick of dealing with it, and sick of doing what it took to meet the epidemic and push it down.  But, there was more to it than that.

            She was sick of people acting like flu, even a front page flu like H1N1, was a new problem.  Didn’t I realize that regular, ordinary flu already killed nearly 40,000 US citizens alone?  Being a health professional she quickly lowered the figure from what had grabbed me down to 36,000 which is the Center for Disease Control (CDC) number of deaths from common flu.  Of course, she added, “these are mostly old people, so no one seems to care.”  Hmmm…I checked that as well, and the CDC estimates that 90% of these deaths are citizens over 65, which isn’t really all that old, is it?

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