Mass Protests are Back – What Are We Waiting For?

Citizen Wealth Financial Justice Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | RSSNew Orleans       Don’t tell me you haven’t noticed?  If you can make it past the daily Trump wailing wall, there’s one report after another of protests.  Not some piddling ten- or twenty-person thing, though there’s plenty of that as well, but I’m talking about …

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Economy and Growing Senior Populations Factor into Decreased State Higher Ed Funding

Citizen Wealth Education

New Orleans   For many of the blamers and “bootstrappers” who like to lay the growing income and inequality divide on the poor themselves rather than federal and state tax and budget policy, the solution is invariably, “why don’t they go to school.”  The answer is increasingly that crippled public schools are leaving lower income students unprepared …

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