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Black Women and What’s Left of Moderate Republicans Save Alabama, Maybe America

Lafayette   Whether you woke up to the good news or went to bed with a smile of your face, deep down in your heart of hearts, you were relieved that the country had not sold all of its soul to the devil by standing up and sending Judge Roy Moore to abysmal defeat. Even though you may be still be confused about the psyche of the American people, you were proud that there was enough strength of character to send a message to Washington and beyond there there are places we will not go.

Today, we give thanks once again to African-American women, who turned out in force to push Doug Jones, the Democrat in the race, into the US Senate to finish the current US Attorney General Jeff Sessions unexpired time in the Senate.

Today, we also give thanks for the first time in a long time to moderate Republicans who might not have been able to get their “Jones” together, but stepped in and wrote in the name of other candidates when they couldn’t in good conscience vote for Moore, as a molester, hater, and past-the-pale right winger. We now almost know exactly how many moderate Republicans are left in a deep red state like Alabama, about 20,000 or roughly 1.7% of the electorate yesterday – about the same margin Jones recorded in his victory.

Will this teach Washington a lesson? Maybe, even though it won’t teach the President much of anything. The plane engine has hardly cooled down from taking him to a rally on the Alabama-Florida line, and he’s already saying, he told us so, and he knew Moore would lose. So, forget about that. The rest of Washington though has gotten a warning about the price they may have to pay to be card carrying members of the Trump-Republican party. Some are going to have trouble not seeing the Virginia governor’s race, the Alabama Senate race, and other recent contests as a sign that this stuff is not selling and the voters have stamped an “expire by” date on these shenanigans.

But, while we’re giving thanks, what can we do to help the white woman of Alabama? Who is going to protect their daughters, since they seem to have signaled that it’s open season on them. Early indications are that they voted decisively for Moore even in this #MeToo moment. What message did they just send to the good ol’ boys around the state? Do whatever, we’ll look the other way, and we’ll forgive you later? That’s what Trump is hoping for as he tries to pretend he doesn’t even know the women accusing him of abuse and harassment, despite photographic evidence, and, furthermore, attacks the woman who is a US Senator from New York for calling him down on his behavior.

As a woman said to me today when she saw me scratching my head over these puzzles, “It’s like Harriet Tubman said, ‘I could have saved more, if they had known they were slaves.’” Perhaps that’s not the exact quote, or even what Tubman really said, but it’s true as it can be, and it applies perfectly in this situation.



Once Again O’Keefe Amateur Hour Antics Busted, This Time by Washington Post

New Orleans  James O’Keefe is a bad penny that just keeps turning up every time there’s an election these days or some opportunity for him to insert himself into another ridiculous, if not illegal, scam. O’Keefe is a convicted criminal in 2010 for his role along with several confederates in trying to bug the local New Orleans office of former Senator Mary Landrieu on a fantasy claim that her staff was not answering the phone for calls about the Affordable Care Act. O’Keefe made his name for his falsely edited videos targeting ACORN’s housing operation, triggering widespread Congressional and other conservative attacks on the organization. Now reporters with the Washington Post have busted O’Keefe and his operatives trying to lure them into a “fake news” scam as he tries to help embattled senatorial candidate in Alabama, Judge Roy Moore.

This time he had a woman named Jamie Phillips contact Post reporters in the wake of reports of Moore’s molestation of a 14 year old when he was in his 30s. Phillips claimed to reporters that she had a secret sexual relationship with Moore in more recent decades, and he had impregnated her when she was 15 and took her to Mississippi for an abortion. She claimed she only wanted to come forward if the reporters could guarantee it would eliminate Moore from the race. They repeatedly told her that they could offer no such guarantees and insisted that they would have to fact check her story. She continually tried to get the reporters to offer their opinions on Moore and the Alabama election, which they also refused to do.

Over a two-week investigation, the Post became increasingly skeptical of her story. They found a GoFundMe site in her name where she indicated that, having lost her job working as a mortgage broker, she was joining a conservative outfit to expose media problems. They discounted the story she told about her cellphone and other inconsistencies, like her claim of a current employer who had no record of her work. They then realized that where she had moved in the New York New Jersey area was only 16 miles away from the O’Keefe’s Project Veritas headquarters. They also found a fairly recent job positing by Veritas to hire a dozen agents of sorts to do the kind of thing that Phillips might be doing. They began following her. They organized another meeting with her. The reporter was careful to block her purse on the table with her own purse so she could not be filmed. They confronted her with the information from the GoFundMe site. She claimed she had interviewed with the Daily Caller, but it had not worked out. The Post contacted numerous people at the Caller and no one with her name or the alias she gave had been interviewed by them. The Post reporter had their own videographers recording the meeting, and then told her the meeting was being filmed and recorded, ending the meeting.

In a final coup d’ grace, two other reporters ended up following her and she was observed going into the Veritas offices for over an hour with her car in the parking lot. Turning the tables, they also tried to interview O’Keefe as he left the building about his connections to this mess, where he refused to be interviewed and obfuscated.

Once again, O’Keefe and his methods have been exposed and thoroughly discredited. In the past, I’ve thought each time his absurd projects have been exposed that it had to be the end for him and his tactics, but instead he has raised millions for Veritas now that it has tax-exempt status (though barred from raising money in Mississippi and Utah because of O’Keefe’s criminal record). With Steve Bannon back at Breitbart, O’Keefe has a waiting outlet for his mischief, so no matter how embarrassing or inept, or how many times his stings backfire, I no longer predict his demise in these politically polarized times where people believe what they want to believe, no matter how preposterous, even when proven to be a total falsehood, and blame the messenger, if it’s not their own, no matter the ridiculousness of the message, or how ill gotten it was obtained.

In a politics without principles, O’Keefe can still aspire to be a prince.