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Roy Moore

Indianapolis   I finally have something in common with Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, representing the great state of Kentucky, and it’s not just the fact that I lived there for a couple of years as a boy. Stephen Bannon and his Brietbart News have put a big fat target on his back. Bannon says he’s coming after him. Been there, done that. McConnell said to the reporter when told, “you can quote me, Ha, Ha.” Well, played Senator.

I might have something else in common with McConnell as well, and that has to do with the upcoming election for US Senator from Alabama.

The Democratic candidate for the Alabama US Senate seat is a former prosecuting attorney named Doug Jones, who among other cases has successfully gone after the Klan. Despite having never heard of him before this election to my knowledge, the Brietbart folks tried to smear him, if that’s the right term for it, for his support of an increase in the federal minimum wage after all of these years that it’s been frozen, by claiming he was a fanboy of ACORN’s living wage campaigns. In these reports, I pointed out how far off the piece was from anything remotely resembling the facts. They then rejoined by writing another piece on my fact-checking that had me doubling down in support of Doug Jones. Ok, I guess that’s the way we’re going to play.

Judge Roy Moore has been nationally known as a right wing wig-out and zealot for years. Of course there was his religious farce when he erected a 5000 pound stone monument inscribed with the ten commandments on the statehouse grounds and resigned as Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court rather than obey orders to remove the rock. That wasn’t his only outrage, but it does stick in your memory.

Now that image has been replaced, horror crowding out faces, as we hear from four or five women who have now come forward in the wake of #MeToo to tell their stories of Moore as a grown man in his 30s and a prosecutor abusing them as young girls in their teens as young as 14 years old after luring some of them to his remote cabin in the hills of Alabama. His denial was an admission when he said that was not his dating pattern, “generally,” meaning I suppose that sometimes he also tried to date grown women rather than little girls. At least he didn’t take a page from Harvey Weinstein’s book who said things were different in the “60s and 70s,” by saying things were different in the South, because no young man, literally none raised any time at all in the South, wasn’t schooled from puberty on about what statutory rape meant or “being legal,” and for sure a trained lawyer and prosecuting attorney in his 30s was fully aware. As Saturday Night Live joked he was just “kidding,” which they defined as going after kids.

So, I may still not know much about Doug Jones, but I know he’s not Roy Moore, and that’s enough for me. I’d probably support an old mangy dog running against Judge Moore in Alabama if that was my only choice, so I’m proud to support Doug Jones over Moore. And, I stand with Mitch McConnell in saying, Brietbart, you can quote me, ha, ha!