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Last Time in the Air

George Clooney in Up in the AirChicago           A movie with George Clooney and the fascinating Montreal born director, Jason Reitman, is getting rave reviews about the life of a professional traveler who flies full-time almost to go around the country firing people and loves the perks of life on the road in a super elite status.  And, then there’s life for the rest of us on the road…as I was reminded on my what is always my iconic “last business trip of the year,” where I express my thanks for having made it to another year end.

            It seemed golden.  No snow in Niagara on the Canadian side.  A great last session going through the lists, setting goals, and locking down the calendar with the ACORN Canada head organizers before jumping into action for the border crossing.  It should have been an omen when Judy Duncan, crack head organizer for ACORN Canada suddenly couldn’t put her hand to passport as we prepared to drive south.  With that momentary distraction averted we made our usual bumbling exit unable to find the Rainbow Bridge on our first shot though it is hardly 50 yards from the entrance to the hotel parking lot, but that was another momentary delay, and we were on our way.

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