Preparing for the Implementation of Obama’s Immigration Order

Angelica Salas

Little Rock       When CMS, the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services, got ready to implement the Affordable Care Act in route to signing up 10 million people for health insurance more than $100 million was allocated by the federal government for navigators and another amount as large for community clinics and a like amount […]

The Campus is Confused

New Paltz     The State University of New York (SUNY) at New Paltz asked me to speak with them about organizing, and so away I went. The topic hashed out over emails was a bit clunky, “Is Grassroots Organizing Dead or Just Dying – There Won’t be a Facebook Revolution,” but I was game. My charge […]

In the Senate It Won’t Be Over Until All the Ladies Sing

New Orleans      The ACORN Canada staff thought it would be fun if we had a first-time ever cheap thrill NFL football pool this year. It’s been pretty amazing how clueless most of us are including the fact that none of us seem able to not favor our home teams and the Saints slow start along […]

Retiring One Halloween Election Boogie Man: ACORN!

New Orleans   With the election here, the voter registration period is pretty much over in most states, except for those favored few who have same day registration, so it’s safe to finally talk about it a bit more and make some notes about some of the things that make 2014’s midterms different from elections over […]

Is Obama Stepping up on Immigration or Simply Shuffling Forward?

Kiln, Mississippi   President Obama said recently that “…families can’t wait for the Republicans to do stuff.  So sue me.”  He’s been talking about the “bear getting loose,” allowing us to believe that he’s about to finally break the bounds of his own moderation and finally kick some butt.  All of this might be setting the table […]