Affordable Housing Push-out Problems in Vancouver, New York, and London

Bristol     Reading the news is one thing but watching the steady stream of young people and many not so young at the Rock & Bowl hostel in central Bristol where we have been staying for the last several days underscores the affordable housing push-out.  New residents with jobs of all kinds are paying 10-15 pounds per day [...]

Multiple Occupancy Tenants Moving in Edinburgh

Key organizers for ACORN, Jon Black on computer and Keir Lawson speaking

Edinburgh  I could feel the excitement in the conversations at the steering committee of the Edinburgh Private Tenant Action Group, an affiliate of ACORN International, as they started mapping out a plan to broadly organize the multiple occupancy tenants across the city.  With [...]

Benefit Handles Fueling Edinburgh Tenant Organizing

Edinburgh     There’s nothing like good old fashion, benefit campaigns to light the fire under organizing drives, and it seems that the Edinburgh Private Tenants Action Group (EPTAG) has a number of great handles to choose from in moving to accelerate the growth and power of the organization.  Later today I’m joining a half-dozen of the [...]

Opposition Stirring Around UK “Bedroom Tax”

Edinburgh       Sometimes you think you’ve heard it all, when really you haven’t heard the half of it yet, which was how I felt yesterday after spending the day working with almost 30 activists from Edinburgh and Glasgow who were trying to plan out how to organize a campaign to push back the recently implemented “bedroom [...]

A Work and Time Time Test for Public Housing Tenants

Frankfort   Hidden in plain sight in the Obama Administration budget proposal before the U.S. Congress now is a potentially huge and unsettling change in the way that public housing is administered.  The budget seems to envision an expanded requirement that living in public housing could require proof of a job and could be time limited.

Locating Housing for the Poor: Good Intentions, Expediency, and Living with the Consequences

Robert Moses, seated at left in 1959, used his position as head of the Mayor's Committee on Slum Clearance to mass-produce thousands of units of public housing, often near the shoreline.

 Quito    One of the ironic outcomes of recent disasters, whether New Orleans or now New York, is that the public, policy makers, and politicians [...]