Gentrification Outstripping Community Development

Protest in Chinatown over Gentrification

 New Orleans      Josh Ishimatsu wrote an interesting piece for theRooflines blog managed by Shelterforce magazine that asks troubling questions about whether rapid development in the form of gentrification has outstripped community development efforts.  He might have even gone farther and asked whether community development corporations have too often been […]

Is Affordable Housing Being Crucified by Inequality

IKEA home in Sweden

New Orleans      Increasingly it seems that we are going to have to decouple the issue of home ownership and affordable housing at least in the traditional sense of small footprints in the dirt with picket fences around them.  Home ownership due to harder loan standards, tighter credit, and the Great Recession […]

Attacks on Fair Housing and Affordable Housing Demands

New Orleans    Talking on “Wade’s World” on KABF with George Washington University sociology professor and frequent author, Gregory Squires, about his recent piece in Social Policy on the impact of the Occupy movement, he underlined his concern that the “disparate impact” theory is under review in the term of the US Supreme Court and the […]

Inclusionary but Unaffordable “Affordable” Housing in London

London     In the dark days of neo-liberalism when cities and states are embracing private developers to impact their profound public responsibilities to provide decent and adequate housing for families regardless of income the whole notion of so-called “affordable” housing seems to have been left in the rubbish at the construction site.  Where recently we thought […]

Affordable Housing Push-out Problems in Vancouver, New York, and London

Bristol     Reading the news is one thing but watching the steady stream of young people and many not so young at the Rock & Bowl hostel in central Bristol where we have been staying for the last several days underscores the affordable housing push-out.  New residents with jobs of all kinds are paying 10-15 pounds per day […]

Multiple Occupancy Tenants Moving in Edinburgh

Key organizers for ACORN, Jon Black on computer and Keir Lawson speaking

Edinburgh  I could feel the excitement in the conversations at the steering committee of the Edinburgh Private Tenant Action Group, an affiliate of ACORN International, as they started mapping out a plan to broadly organize the multiple occupancy tenants across the city.  With […]