More ACORN Bans in New Congressional Budget

New Orleans    Senator Patty Murray and Congressman Paul Ryan are once again accepting some praise at coming to a deal of sorts on the $1.1 Trillion US budget for this fiscal year without the customary drama and contention.  Speaker Boehner was strutting around at having pushed back the far right, never compromise, Tea Party contingent […]

O’Keefe Proves He Has Learned Nothing: Attacks Ex-US Attorney

Jim Letten

New Orleans  Here’s a Ripley’s “believe it or not” situation on an incredible incident that slipped by me and most of the rest of the country, but still is so unbelievable, it is worth everyone making a note on your list of things you can’t believe anyone would ever be stupid enough to […]

Marking Time for O’Keefe, ACORN, and the Crazies of Congress

New Orleans   Almost three years since the ACORN board and staff at that time pulled the plug on the organization and spread to the four corners of the country, it was suddenly another “ACORN week” in many ways in some weird coincidence of the calendar.  

            James O’Keefe, III, the criminal videographer who recently […]

Hating Breitbart: The Movie

New Orleans   Andrew Breitbart was the face and force behind a number of high traffic websites during his career, ended suddenly with a fatal heart attack more than a year ago.  He played a role in helping set up the liberal Huffington Post, but at his death was best known for his “big” sites, especially […]

Finally ACORN Video Scammer O’Keefe Has to Pay a Bit for His Crimes

New Orleans  As the news began to break that James O’Keefe, featured performer, video provocateur, and first story federal office break-in artist for the late Andrew Brietbart’s rightwing web operations and the New York Times magazine section, once again was brought to some small amount of justice in the court of law despite his cosseted […]

Pay Day for ACORN Veterans and Perhaps for ACORN Workers Scammed by Giles & O’Keef

Memphis   There’s the old saying about “sunshine on a rainy day,” and this must be the day for long time ACORN people to have a smile on their face, despite all of our continued mourning that ACORN in the United States pulled the plug almost two years ago.

The ACORN Beneficial Association (ABA) began some years […]