Worrying and Wisconsin and Walker

New Orleans   Local 100 has an election today for about 50 school custodial workers with a private contractor from out of state.  After many elections you can almost smell victory or defeat.  Looking at the vital statistics of this organizing drive, this one smells like a winner.

Wisconsin and today’s vote on the recall of Governor [...]

Do NLRB Election Changes Matter If No One is Organizing

            New Orleans               The surviving members of the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) published a final rulemaking on some “modest” (quoting Rich Trumka of the AFL-CIO) changes to election procedures this week.  The U.S. Chamber of Commerce has quickly announced that they will file suit to block the regulations as an [...]

Labor Daze and Labor Waves

New Orleans On the eve of another ritual of picnicking and the last gasps of the summer that we celebrate as Labor Day, there will be the ritual mentioning of the value of labor and hard work, commentary on the recession, and even some mention about the value of unions in certain geographies where we [...]

New NLRB Rules: Changing Post-Election Strategy

New Orleans One result of the proposed new NLRB election rules, if and when adopted, may require a shift in post-election strategy.

A union will know the results of the election and whether or not the challenged ballots on any unit questions affect the outcome or are aggravations waiting for hearings.  Either way this would mean [...]

Republicans Overreach in Wisconsin to Their Peril

Washington The buzz in DC for a change was not about DC, but about Wisconsin.  And, if not Wisconsin, then it was the 45,000 person crowd yesterday in [...]

Bullseye on Public Sector Workers and Unions

New Orleans For all the talk about the U.S. Congress and what it might do at the hands of the new majority, there’s still a couple of circuit breakers handling too much power surge when business has to go to the Senate or even face a Presidential veto.  In the states rouge legislators could be [...]