Raising Retirement Age is the Poor Subsidizing the Rich!

New Orleans   Before complacency sets in and you pinch yourself and say, “Hey, I’m feeling ok, I can make it some more years, so if they cave in and let the Republicans raise the retirement age, maybe it’s no big deal,” you need to pinch yourself harder where you keep your wallet or pocketbook and [...]

Protecting Insurance Company Profits under Obamacare

New Orleans   I had to read the article by Robert Pear of the New York Times  three or four times to completely understand the contradictions that now seem to exist under the new Affordable Care Act or Obamacare.  The headline said, “Employers with Healthy Workers Could Opt Out of Insurance Market, Raising Others’ Costs.”  What’s [...]

Shore up Social Security: Remove Payroll Tax $113,000 Cap!

New Orleans    Eventually reading all of this point, counterpoint baloney about the fiscal cliff, debt ceilings, bankrupt social security system, and national debt just makes your head hurt.  It’s at that point that you start stumbling around and miss the simple things, like this:  “Why in blue blazes is there a payroll tax cap on wages [...]