Target, NSA, the House of Reps, and Life in a Land with no Irony

New Orleans   Let’s get this straight, ok? 

            So, it’s clear that the NSA has trolled through all of our telephone calls and likely has stored most of our emails on metadata back-up servers somewhere 50 to 100 feet below ground in Kansas or Nebraska or North Dakota or somewhere. 

            Now Target [...]

Federal Contractors: Money First, Workers Last

Little Rock       It seems straightforward.   If you are going to ask for and, if fortunate, receive government money, then you are going to have to follow the law.  Some Senators though had their staff undertake a study of federal contractors only to find that many of these big business were delighted to get the dollars, [...]

A Work and Time Time Test for Public Housing Tenants

Frankfort   Hidden in plain sight in the Obama Administration budget proposal before the U.S. Congress now is a potentially huge and unsettling change in the way that public housing is administered.  The budget seems to envision an expanded requirement that living in public housing could require proof of a job and could be time limited.

Bank Mortgage Settlement Scam Even Worse, Crediting Zombie Valuations

New Orleans   Yesterday a brief look at the new National Mortgage Settlement (NMS) and the results of the Independent Foreclosure Review (IFR) indicated that the latest reports, just like the earlier reports, indicate that the Obama Administration continues to get snookered at every brush with the big banks and Wall Street as it continues to [...]

Exempt Donated Labor on Taxes the Same as Cash Contributions

New Orleans   Following all of the discussions on reforming the income tax system isn’t easy, especially since much of the time the people saying they are for reform and closing the loopholes really aren’t and sometimes the people saying they aren’t for reform, really should be.  Confused?  Yes, me too!

I stirred the pot a couple [...]

Foreclosure Settlement Fund Diversions are a Scandal except in Ohio

New Orleans   It is hard for me to believe that the Obama Administration will not finally address relief for the millions of homeowners facing foreclosure and are underwater across the country.  The slightly improving market for housing should help trigger some change, though many banks will no doubt continue kicking and dragging.  The relief [...]