How Scarcity Affects the Poor

New Orleans   As Congress gets ready to come back to work, there are top-of-the-list items involving lower income families, including extension of unemployment benefits, protecting food stamp appropriations, and of course the ongoing fight for enrollment in Obamacare.  Once again the nasty subtext in the debate will continue to be the ongoing theme that the […]

Why Deny the Poor Access to Telephone Service and the Internet?

Ocean Springs    We can say with confidence and without fear of correction that the coming year will see yet more full scale battles in the war against the poor.

Anyone can make that list.  Certainly it starts with the headliners right now as extended unemployment benefits are being terminated, food stamps are still on the chopping block […]

Millennium Village Projects, Internet Access, and Understanding the Poor

New Orleans    As the gap between rich and poor widens, there is huge confusion from the uppers about what in the world are the lowers thinking and doing.   I read an article the other day about the controversy in South Africa over a young family with two children who moved into a house in […]

Going after Grameen Bank and Social Enterprises in Bangladesh

New Orleans   I have sometimes been critical of the Grameen Bank, the microlending institution founded in Bangladesh, and am generally skeptical of claims that debt is an effective poverty reduction mechanism,  but the efforts of the Bangladesh government to take control of the institution, seemingly to seize all of its social enterprise assets is troubling. 

It’s […]

FCC’s Connect2Compete Disconnected at Cox Cable & Payday Embarrasses Chase

New Orleans    Remember the poor…low and moderate income families who will always be with us?  Well, more evidence keeps piling up that when it comes to internet access and a lifeline to the 21st Century, the “volunteer” efforts by the big cable companies are continuing to make the FCC’s claims of lowering the digital […]

Wall Street Journal Continues Curious Campaign against Lifeline Telephone for the Poor

New Orleans   Spencer Ante and the Journal continue their curious, and in many ways deceptive, campaign against the FCC’s lifeline telephone program, which allow the poor to have basic access to a telephone for less than $10 a month for emergency messages and a limited number of texts and calls.  The company’s’  providing the service […]