Free Electronic Books

kindle Ocean Springs        Having read the papers with a nice light rain outside as I was stumbling around in the pre-dawn, I found an intriguing posting by Stephen Windwalker about Kindle books on his Facebook status update.  He’s a stone cold Kindle fanatic and seems to be one of the worlds’ premier experts on Kindle as well, so this was interesting.

Kindle is a device put out by Amazon in early 2008 that runs about $300 and because of a free wireless connection allows for the downloading of books, magazines, and newspapers online to the device. Pretty slick thing, and if you read (and travel) a lot (and buy books) and don’t want to haul 10 pounds of paper around the world plus are still dealing with the post-Katrina difficulty of getting newspaper delivery for the Times and WSJ (though I’ve now just gone on-line with both and learned to like it), it seemed an easily amortized bargain at the time, so this was one of the few areas in which I found myself a first wave early adopter of a new tech thing for the first time. Continue reading