Let’s Stop the Floridization of Arkansas!

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            New Orleans      The early months of Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ tenure as governor of Arkansas have been marked by both confusion and consternation.  Sometimes she seems confused and believes she is still former President Trump’s press secretary and trying to sell alternative facts and fantasy as if reality.  Other times she seems to think …

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Society and Education Need to Reevaluate Costs and Funding


            Pearl River      Many tout education, especially higher education, as the ladder to success and equity in society.  This notion of general uplift is widely shared by liberals and conservatives despite precious little evidence under girding such belief, quite the contrary.  Both sides cling to the exceptions, so that they can avoid dealing with the …

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When Florida’s DeSantis Coughs, Arkansas’s Sanders Sneezes

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            Little Rock       Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis in a Twitter technical meltdown has finally announced his bid for the Republican nomination for president.  The kowtowing Republican supermajority in the Florida legislature has gone out of their way to pass wild and wooly legislation to establish his ultra-conservative bonafides.  Less well known nationally has been the …

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