Student Loan Debt Relief – Hell, Yes!

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            Marble Falls     I’ve been trying to follow the ping-pong ball back and forth on arguments about the Biden administration’s one-time student loan relief program of between $10 and $20,000 for eligible borrowers making less than $125,000 a year and Pell Grant recipients.  Some are arguing this is a middle-class welfare program, increasing inequity.  …

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Anti-Welfare, Me-First, and Racism Hurting Child Care Credit

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New Orleans     The child care credit in the Biden stimulus package has been heralded, including by me, as the first significant step in reversing the draconian “end of welfare as we know it” program of former President Clinton.  Experts noted that this child-centered program, providing front end payments on the credit of $300 per month for families …

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All Politics are Local. All Issues are National?

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 Little Rock      Tip O’Neil, the iconic old Boston pol, and former Speaker of the US House of Representatives, once famously expressed the dicta, “all politics are local.”  Even as the modern world is increasingly knitted together, that observation continues to hold in many areas.  What may be changing is not the fact that all politics are local, but …

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