The Failure and Rip-offs of Water Privatization

ACORN Local 100 Privatization Protests

            Pearl River      The last thing any of us need is another lesson in the absolute irresponsibility of any public officials or authority ever allowing vital community resources to be privatized as commodities and plums to be picked by private equity pirates.   This time, like so many times before, it’s the foolhardy privatization of water.  …

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Fighting Back Against Teaching to the Job

Community Organizing Education Privatization Social Policy Journal Wade's World

            New Orleans      In the battleground against privatization of public education at the kindergarten through high school level, the dominance of corporate-infused governmental neoliberalism has made “teaching to the test” the core of the curriculum project.  Talking to Marcy Rein, one of the co-authors of Free City:  The Fight for San Francisco’s City College …

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Hardening the Power Grid

Climate Change Electricity Cooperatives Energy Hurricane Privatization

            Marble Falls      When Hurricane Ida came into the greater New Orleans area in August 2021, we were spared, or so we thought.  The levees held.  Flooding was minimal.  Evacuations were chaotic, leading for continuing calls for re-establishing contraflow to ease mass exits, but on the whole, we all mostly felt lucky.  Then the …

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