Locating Housing for the Poor: Good Intentions, Expediency, and Living with the Consequences

Robert Moses, seated at left in 1959, used his position as head of the Mayor's Committee on Slum Clearance to mass-produce thousands of units of public housing, often near the shoreline.

 Quito    One of the ironic outcomes of recent disasters, whether New Orleans or now New York, is that the public, policy makers, and politicians […]

Federal Judge Holds Vouchers are Resegretation in Louisiana with More to Come

New Orleans  A federal judge in Louisiana took a hard shot to the gut to the conservative efforts to provide public money to help some parents pay for their children to escape public schools.  He called it what it was:  an effort to re-segregate the school system.  The basis of the decision was equally clear.  […]

Kristof and a Three Cups of Tea

Vicksburg    I’ve read a couple of Nicholas Kristof’s books with interest over the years and used to read his column in the New York Times, but largely have abandoned them in recent years as I’ve done more international organizing.  I’ve done so not because he’s exactly wrong on the issues, but it’s a matter […]