Making Working Men More Economically Attractive

Little Rock     The headline was no tipoff on this piece in the Times’ business section.   Another article about how much the economics of single parent households really suck, blah, blah, blah, please tell us something we didn’t know, will ya?  So they did by basically in so many words and with all due concern letting […]

The Problem of Remittances and Financial Literacy for Immigrants

ACORN International GSU Team: (left to right) Jennifer Phillips, Fred Brooks, Charlene Davison, Alice Lee, Brittany Burgess, Tim Zdencanovic

Atlanta   I got lucky and five students, now calling themselves the ACORN International Team at Georgia State University, picked as their major project at the GSU School of Social Work helping us develop information and support […]

Welcome to My World on Thanksgiving!

photo from ACORN in Buenos Aires

New Orleans   On the eve of the USA Thanksgiving there is a long list of chores and cleanups, some long postponed, that have to be sorted out as family and friends assemble.  Normally, these times signals a momentary lull, a chance for a breath, but believe it, working in the […]

The Rarity of Labor Union Strikes in Today’s Economy and Labor Market and Lost Hope at NLRB

New Orleans   In Social Policy magazine we’ve published in the current issue a solid description of the ups and downs of a group of nursing home workers in Connecticut.    The piece focused on the lessons learned in the course of a strike that the workers and the union felt was successful.  We also published in […]

Coming into Wisconsin at Ground Zero of Class War in America

Recall effort in Wisconsin

Milwaukee   I couldn’t resist an invitation to speak at a panel on ACORN and community organizing this weekend at a conference of historians largely because it was being held in Milwaukee and it gave me an excuse for several days to see what was really happening here at ground zero in […]

Continued Conservative Retrenchment in Catholic Anti-Poverty Fund

Golden Calf Created by Catholics United in Support of Occupy DC and Regulations on Wall-Street

New Orleans   Someone deserves credit, and I’m betting that someone is James Salt, the energetic director of Catholics United, for exposing the increasingly desperate, rightwing inspired, guilt-by-association style attacks on social change groups funded by the Catholic Campaign for Human […]