Many Republican Ghostbusters Still Believe ACORN Stole this Election, Too!

current ad for the Ghostbusters

Quito      First there was a Facebook posting to me that I thought was a joke, complete with a picture of James O’Keefe in his racist pimp-master fur suit.  But, then the emails started coming in, and it was increasingly clear, that, yes, Virginia, there may not be a Santa Claus, […]

Voting Wars: Masking Voter Suppression Under the Fog of War

Little Rock  Back in the old days of the Cold War, one of the things we were frequently taught from classroom to scout den had to do with the nefarious tricks of the propaganda trade involving the so-called “Big Lie.”  If one repeated a lie often enough, then people would start believing the lie and not […]

Kansas’s Kris Kobach: Rightwing Voter Manipulator, Suppressor, and Demagogue

Kris Kobach

New Orleans  I’ve been watching Kris Kobach closely for the last four years, ever since he claimed in the Topeka newspapers that he was running to become Secretary of State in Kansas in 2008 to stop ACORN from committing “voter fraud,” even though ACORN did not have an operating office, organizer, or registration […]

Registration Down, Lower Income Votes Out

Phoenix Registration Down, Lower Income Votes Out

Phoenix We did the first direct action with Arizona Advocates & Actions yesterday as 20 Bank of America mortgage holders demanded that their modifications finally be fast tracked at the BofA Service Center in Phoenix yesterday.  That’s the good news!

The rest sucks, as we look around the […]