Proving Registration and GOTV Work for Lower Income Voters Once Again

Vancouver       It’s that time of the cycle.  Reporters are riding from paper to television shouting the warnings:  the elections are coming! the elections are coming! the elections are coming!  Time to hide the small children it seems.  And, of course do everything possible to suppress the participation of lower income voters.

Getting Elections Right and Hope for On-line Registration Potential

New Orleans   The Pew Charitable Trust has an elections initiative that has been looking at election administration in the states over recent cycles.  They began by looking at 2008 and 2010, and most recently released a report on 2012 comparing both Presidential elections.  I won’t lie to you, it’s very dry reading, and given the […]

Political Ground Game in Ascendancy as Simple Math Triumphs with Big Data

New Orleans    What goes around, comes around, it seems, if you keep around long enough.

Reading about cutting edge political strategies, like the “Bannock Street project,” reminds me of frequent late discussions at the regular Wednesday night staff meetings of ACORN in Little Rock 40 years ago as we would debate whether to spend all of our […]

Proposed IRS Rules on C4s a Mixed Bag Likely to See Lobbying from Right and Left

New Orleans   The IRS announced that it is proposing clearer rules to regulate the “social welfare” practices of C4 tax exempt nonprofits.   I should start with a disclaimer.   I’ve never operated a c4 organization, though I recognize the fact that they have recently become the rage, largely among lawyers and CPAs I would argue, but […]

“Picking Up ACORN’s Pieces:” The Voter Registration Deficiency

New Orleans    Rob “Biko” Baker, the executive director of the League of Young Voters, wrote an interesting story in the Summer 2012 issue of Shelterforce daring to state plainly what has been obvious to virtually everyone concerned and biting their fingernails as the USA Election Day looms before us.  His article, entitled “Picking up ACORN’s […]

Hating on ACORN as Election Countdown Nears in USA

Victoria   We are hardly more than a week until the USA Presidential election and predictably the conservative rightwing is pulling out the big guns and narrowing their sights for the kill, but surprisingly many are still aimed at ACORN, now almost two years gone.  Sure, it’s not as bad as it was four years ago.  One […]