Cleaning Up

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New Orleans    When there is no leadership in government, business, or much of anywhere else the normal way of doing things just begins to fail to work and finally you bite the bullet and realize that we have to figure out a way to do it ourselves.

Beginning this Saturday on North Roman in Treme a crew assembled to clean up the 1st floor of Franzella Johnson’s place. Franzella is a long time ACORN leader and a good one. She helps out in the office as well. This is a twofer. If her house is cleaned, then she can live upstairs while she gets the rest of it together and continue to back up the organizing as well.

This is the first step towards putting together a program where we can try to do this with hundreds and maybe thousands of houses joining with all of our partners. Finally, you just have to take a stand and jump in the middle of it and make something happen.

November 19, 2005