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New Orleans     Whew! Glad 2005 is over, so we can move forward some way or another. What a year!

Here are some quick resolutions to help make 2006 happen right:

  • Stay home more. Given my four months away just on Katrina, I’m going to make this one happen.
  • Make sure New Orleans gets a new Mayor. Ray has got to go!
  • Get the insurance money for the house and camp. For the life of me I couldn’t get a dime out of them in 2005, so either this happens now or let’s go bankrupt no matter what the new laws are like.
  • Try to get on top of anger. This post-Katrina rage thing is out of control!
  • Improve my Spanish. I say this every year!
  • Get a dog again. The yard seems naked without one.
  • Get ahead of this fast train.

How about you?

January 2, 2006

Fireworks in the fog